Monday, January 23, 2012

A Day of Uncertianity

January 17th is a day I won't forget! I knew I would be taking Kinsley to the eye doctor. I assumed I would be going alone since Kelly had to work. my morning was pretty filled and I was able to keep my mind off the afternoons event. I spent the morning as the parent helper in Ondrea's class. It was summer day! We got to dress in summer clothes despite the fact the the pasture outside was chilling! We got to enjoy ice cream and ice cream cones for snack. W did lots of summer activities. It was just what I needed to keep my mind from worrying about the appointment I was going to be bringing Kinsley to later in the day. After playing at school with Ondrea I told her goodbye as she stayed to do special Ed. I went to my brothers where I got to spend time with my mom, kids, and nephews before I had to take Kinsley to the doctor. My middle nephew loves his cousin. He adores her. If he is around good luck holding her! He walked why she needed to go to the doctor. He was concerned about his baby cousin. I also was able to talk to my mom in regards to my concerns about Kinsley and ask her for prayer. Then I left I suddenly got nervous, anxious, and scared. What would this doctor tell me about my perfect little girl. Would she confirm that I am crazy? Would she tell me my fears were real? Would her vision be an easy fix? With Kelly by my side we watched and listened to the doctor run her test. She threw out numbers and other big words. Her left eye had a pink and gray optic nerve, her retina looked good. Her right eye had a pink optic nerve and great retina. The doctor wasn't impressed with what she was seeing. We heard a lot of "this is not good, she should be/shouldnt be doing this or that. It was hard. Like a bad nightmare I couldnt wake up from. I longed so badly to be crazy. I wanted to hear " her vision is perfect, I don't know what you were seeing that was wrong." more questions flooded my head. Why? How? Then there was hope. The doctor started trying to figure out what prescription Kinsley's glasses needed to be. "oh yay!" I thought to myself, "she must be able to see if we are being fitted for glasses." Then Kelly asked what I was thinking. "So, because your fitting her for glasses that means she can see right?" he asked. Then my hope crashed on the floor like a broken mirror. The words that came from the doctors mouth were like being Haitian the face. She said, "I'm not saying she can or can't. I still have my doubts she can see." There it was. My fear brought out in the open. I wanted to break down. I felt my prayers for good vision were being unheard We were told where to go get Kinsley's glasses. We were told to try the glasses for 4 weeks. We would then go back and see if they helped her vision at all. If not we will be doing an MRI to see what is wrong in her brain making it so she can't see. If they work that's awesome. We will then just continue to moniter her vision. We packed up Kinsley in her carseat and drove down the road to where we could get her glasses. We looked at the different colors and sizes. We tried a couple on to see what ones fit. Then it was time to pick a color. Daddy wanted purple! So our sweet baby Kinsley will be wearing Purple glasses. They had to order her frames and lenses. This means we pick up her glasses January 27th. Her follow up appointment with the eye doctor will be february 28th at 3:30. Please please continue to pray. Our whole family needs prayer. Dany


  1. Praying....

    I am sorry that you and your family have been set on this journey. I hope that the glasses work for her. Did they give you any kind of diagnosis or a reason why they think she can't see?

    Although it doesn't seem like it right now, you will start to understand the doctors. Also it is great that you caught the problem this early. If it can be fixed, then early intervention is huge.

    I seen your link on facebook. My child was born blind in his right eye. He was born with a completely occluding cataract. Which basically means the lens that should have been giving him vision was white and impossible to see through. They removed the lens, and he will have to wear contacts and glasses to regain the vision that was lost in the months he couldn't see. We have to cover the good/strong eye 80% of his waking hours.

    1. Missy, thank you so much for the prayers.

      The doctor did not give us a diagnosis or reason why she doesn't think Kinsley can see. Just expressed her doubts in possible vision. I'm hoping in time my husband and I start to understand what all the terms from the doctor mean.

      I will pray for your little boy also. Thank you so much for your means a lot especially in this early stage.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. I am thrilled to hear of your faith in the Lord. I pray for peace that surpasses all understanding.

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  4. Thank you for the prayers. I am very grateful for all the prayers we receive.